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My mission at Personal Coach Finder is to empower individuals to find and connect with their perfect coach. There are so many good coaches out there, but so few resources to find them.

It took me over 5 months to find the right coach for the transformation I desired. Having no central resource to help me find a coach specifically tailored to my need, I decided to launch Personal Coach Finder to help others accelerate the process. The featured coaches showcase their methods, philosophy, background, education, and experiences to help potential clients find their “perfect coach.”

Sue Saller - Founder, Personal Coach Finder

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Do you feel stuck? I was once where you are. It took me over 5 months to find my perfect coach.  Finding a coach helped me to overcome limiting beliefs, mental roadblocks, and unproductive thoughts that were keeping me from creating the life I wanted.

A great coach and mentor can:

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