Personal Development Coaches

Elevate your life with a personal development coach who empowers you to cultivate self-awareness, set meaningful goals, and unlease your full potential.

Austin Linney

Austin Linney is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, business and mindset coach, and host of the weekly podcast, Construct Your Life with Austin Linney. He has built an expansive network of top professionals in leading industries, and helped countless individuals break through obstacles and become who they were meant to be. 

Sue Saller

Sue Saller is a personal development coach specializing in methods that combine ancient stoic wisdom and modern science along with story work, meditation, and breath work. She helps you overcome limiting beliefs, deconstruct undesirable patterns then reconstruct your life to become the best version of yourself in your next season of life.

Allen Frantz

Allen Frantz

Allen Frantz works with adults who seek a better work/life balance, connection, and communication with their adolescent children. By identifying patterns and beliefs that hold them in their current states, he helps formulate tangible plans to live lives of intention and purpose. 

Josselyne Herman-Saccio

Josselyne Herman-Saccio has helped countless people become unmessable with in pursuing and fulfilling their dreams and goals. She has been leading transformative programs and coaching people for more than 30 years.  She works with entrepreneurs, executives, and founders who want to level up and dismantles what messes with them and stands in the way of having it all.

Dr. David Powers

Dr. David Powers is an adventurer, philosopher, and pioneer and lives a life of constant experimentation. His life’s compass is “to seek out adventure in everything he does by being intentional, determined, and unstoppable and by energizing and outfitting others to embark on their own adventures”. He is a decorated veteran of the Marine Corps and a founding member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. 

Teresa Heath-Wareing

Teresa Heath-Waring is an international best-selling author, award-winning speaker, TEDx speaker, trainer, podcaster and business owner. She is an online business, marketing & mindset strategic coach who works with business owners from across the world, helping them to build a business and life they love.

Dr. Amanda Barrientez

Dr. Amanda is a genius at getting to the root (unconscious) cause that’s keeping entrepreneurs stuck. She helps them access their Inner Power and build successful lives and businesses by tapping into their Zone of Genius superpowers to make easier money doing what they love.

Giovanna Elias

Giovanna empowers people to consciously communicate in order to build meaningful relationships, connect with people on a deeper level, date or network with confidence and resolve conflicts personally and professionally (at work, with family, romantic partners, kids, friends).

Chase Headshot - Chase Tolleson

Chase Tolleson

Chase is a Level 3 Enlifted Storywork Coach who helps leaders who have lost themselves to win the rat race. “Hire me if you want results that last. My clients send me messages a year after we worked together telling me how they just had their “best year ever””

Josh Beauvais

Josh has over 8 years experience helping hundreds of people overcoming addiction, but his passion is to help anyone that has an honest desire to improve their life. He helps his clients change their mindset in multiple areas, ranging from prior conditioning, scarcity, addiction, relationships, business, and limiting beliefs.

Jason Drees

Jason Drees - Jason Drees Coaching

Jason is an entrepreneur, alignment coach, author, husband, and father. With more than 10,000 hours of coaching sessions delivered in his career, Jason catapults those he works with into success by disrupting old narratives, removing resistance, and conquering limiting beliefs.

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Marija Parente

My ideal clients are leaders in their fields and committed to experiencing themselves and their lives as CREATORS. I love reconnecting people to who they are leaving them free to express their true selves and limitlessly create their amazing lives.
Reden Dionisio

Reden Dionisio

Bringing over 20 years of military leadership experience to the table, I specialize in empowering entrepreneurs to overcome roadblocks and achieve their full potential. For executive leaders, my focus is on leveraging that extensive background to help build effective and resilient teams.


Ryanne Stellingwerf

I help successful professionals transform their lives by providing tailored strategies to combat burnout, restore balance, and reignite joy. I help them make their careers sustainable, and lives and relationships truly fulfilling. I combine the forward focused, active approach of coaching, with the extensive education of psychotherapy to quickly identify and remove blocks to success and take people farther than they thought they could go.

Kathy Baldwin

Kathy Baldwin is a dedicated guide in transformative healing, specializing in stress, burnout, trauma, and disempowering beliefs. Drawing from her personal journey, she champions inner healing and empowerment. Kathy untangles stress and trauma, guiding clients to balance, rejuvenation, and purpose. She empowers individuals to transform pain into purpose and fears into strength, ultimately rising above together.

James Brackin IV

James Brackin IV is a mindset coach and host of the Top 1% podcast, “The You Can Too Podcast.” With a remarkable start in coaching at just 17 years old, he has interviewed leading thought leaders worldwide. James draws from personal experiences, including the loss of family members, to guide others in living with intentionality. His mission is to assist individuals in overcoming self-sabotage, taking intentional action, and avoiding life regrets.

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