Ryanne Stellingwerf

Ideal Client

Professionals looking for life balance


Years Experience

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and CCTP and CMHIMP certified

Super Power

Restoring balance and reigniting joy!

LCPC (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor), CCTP (Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, CMHIMP (Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider)

Ryanne spent seven years in Iraq and Afghanistan as a military contractor. In her journey both getting over there and through the duration, she realized she had learned tools and skills that she could share and she got her coaching certification. She didn’t however, feel that was adequate training and given her time working with the military, she was inspired to become a psychotherapist, aiming to assist military veterans in transitioning home successfully.

When she came home, she found her health was not ideal. After years of struggle, she was diagnosed with not one, but two autoimmune conditions. Being an entrepreneur, she was determined to find a way to balance the demands of her career with treatment for her health condition and still maintain a life outside of both.

Ryanne discovered a growing demand from high achievers who resonated with her background as a career woman and entrepreneur actively managing autoimmune symptoms and treatment. She excels in providing support to individuals seeking to find balance in their life, career, and health. Collaborating with her clients, Ryanne encourages them to embrace the complexities of life and adopt a mindset that is both ambitious and capable of slowing down when necessary.

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