Sue Saller

12-week 3-step method designed to achieve clarity, gain confidence, and overcome challenges for lasting change

Ideal Client Age

30-60 years

Super Power

Seeing possibilities where others can't

Susan Saller is a podcaster, people connector, coach, teacher, advisor, mom, and entrepreneur. Her journey spans 30 years with experiences in podcasting,  teaching, homeschooling, real estate, financial services, and parenting. However, starting a podcast that was dedicated to helping others overcome the challenges that block them from achieving the life they wanted was a deep desire of hers. Fueled by the lack of guidance in her own life years ago, Sue started the Small Steps BIG Wins podcast to help others find the encouragement to ignite their fire. She realized that helping people take small steps is the catalyst for any change.

Sue lives out her passion and purpose through her podcast, coaching, and personal endeavors. Helping people establish habits and improve their mindset so they can live the life they truly want is what brings her joy. Whether you are looking to discover who you are, obtain financial freedom, or reconstruct your life, Sue can help you get where you want to go through positive encouragement and practical application. Sue’s mission is to empower you to believe in yourself and realize you do not have to stay stuck where you are.

So much occurred over the course of 30 years – many trials, many sacrifices, many lost opportunities. But her story of self-discovery and overcoming challenges reveals that’s never too late to change the trajectory of one’s life. No matter what hurdle or trial you face, you CAN overcome anything.

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