Marija Parente


Years Experience

Certified Radical Result Coach, Family Constellation Facilitator, Transformational Coach, Awareness Process Faciliator

Proprietary Coaching Method called TOTAL ACCESS

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Marija Parente created the Total Access™️ method to help people unleash their true expression. Leaving Montenegro at 17 to pursue education in the USA, Marija discovered her true purpose: to create and help like-minded people experience themselves as creators.

With a BA in Film and Media Studies and an MA in Liberal Arts focusing on Film and Psychology, Marija delved deeper, studying human behavior, motivation, and spirituality. Certified as a Radical Result Coach, Family Constellation and Awareness Process Facilitator, and Reiki Master, she guides others to clear the self-imposed limitations effortlessly.

As a devoted wife and mother raising her sons in New York City, Marija is dedicated to sparking a movement of awareness, joy, and inner peace, one individual at a time. Her online courses and individual programs help people dismantle barriers to unlock their true selves. And the true self is naturally limitless, magnetic and creative.

Her mission in life is to help people experience themselves as creators rather than be burdened by their circumstances. The beauty of working with her is that she understands we carry into our lives our ancestry lines (what we were predisposed to and didn’t choose) as well as understanding how we are wired and why we continue to produce limited results. She wants you to bust free, said simply.

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