Reden Dionisio

Ideal Client

Entrepreneurs and Executive Leaders


Years Experience in Military Leadership

Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach and Resilience-Building Leader Program Trainer (RBLP-T)

Super Power

Empowering Entrepreneurs to Achieve

Bringing over 20 years of military leadership experience to the table, I specialize in empowering entrepreneurs to overcome roadblocks and achieve their full potential. For executive leaders, my focus is on leveraging that extensive background to help build effective and resilient teams.

Committed to unlocking your genuine potential so you can lead your team and family to success. As a dedicated Girl Dad, I prioritize being a positive role model for my daughters, fostering deep family engagement, and upholding personal accountability in order to become the Leader I need to be.

I believe in being R.E.A.L. – Resilient, Engaged, and Accountable Leader; not just for my family but for those who rely on me.

Join me in a journey where military precision meets entrepreneurial innovation, unlocking success and resilience for your business.

I also have the following credentialing:

Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker.

Resilience-Building Leader Program Trainer (RBLP-T).

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