Chase Tolleson

Ideal Client:

Those who need a dramatic breakthrough transformation


Years Experience

“In just one session with Chase, I was able to break through my limiting beliefs and get to the real deep root of my problems. Storywork resonated with me and bought lasting change.”
~Sue Saller

Super Power

Enlifted Level 3 Storywork Coach

“I help my clients clear both seen and unseen hurdles in life, starting with themselves first.”

Chase Tolleson is a lifetime coach, serial entrepreneur, mystic, and philosopher who brings very practical solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems. After over a decade in the fitness industry he realized that most people just want to feel how they “think” fit should people feel. Using a method called “Storywork,” he now uses a set of principles that transcend paradigms to coach his clients to completely reclaim authority over their life, write their own story, and learn to succeed as their most authentic self.

Chase is a Level 3 Enlifted Certified Coach, which involved over 30 weeks of intense weekly training focused on the 3 pillars of Enlifted Coaching: Words, Story, and Breath. Chase is only one of 30 in the world to have attained Level 3 certification.

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