Lindsay Lovell

Ideal Client:

Real Estate Investor


Years Experience

Addiction, mindset, business building, team building

Super Power

Creative Financing and Long Distance Investing

In just the first 18 months, Lindsay scaled from zero to 36 doors, reaching her goal of financial freedom along the way. She started with a focus on the BRRRR method, and then quickly expanded into flips, STR’s, joint ventures and passive investments. Now, only two years later, her portfolio consists of 57 long-term rentals, 15 short-term rentals, and LP in 2 mobile home park syndications. She also co-founded G-VI Capital Management LLC, a syndication company that has over $15M in assets, and Wanderlust Stays, a co-hosting/vacation rental management company that oversees properties across the country. Along this journey, Lindsay started The Millionaire’s March coaching, which has been able to bring to life her passion of helping other women learn how to reach financial independence.

Lindsay’s Mission:

“I want to be able to inspire people, especially women, to start their real estate investing journey by citing my own experience. In three years I have scaled to 70+ properties, taught myself how to set up and run syndications, raised $2M dollars in my first 6 months of syndicating, started 2 REI companies, and a coaching business. Scaling this quickly involved leveraging various creative financing strategies including hard money loans, tapping into equity from BRRRRs, forming relationships with local banks and even utilizing a self-directed IRA and self-directed Roth IRA. I have had many lessons from mistakes along the way including trusting but not verifying contractor work, not having contracts in place with certain vendors, and navigating the challenges of doing business with family. I also have experience leveraging virtual assistants to scale and grow my businesses and can also share how I have applied the “who not how” mentality in my personal life to be able to have more work-life balance.”

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