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“Story is a powerful tool, and when you know how to use it  YOU BECOME POWERFUL.”

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Finding gifts hidden in everyone's story

Lori entered the podcast production realm in the tried and true way of acquiring years of experience. Her own podcast – the Love Your Story podcast is in its 8th year. Her decades of work as a journalist give her a great foundation for the highest quality interview skills. She teaches beginning podcasting at the University of Utah and helps coaches and experts who want to focus on their area of expertise to create the shows that support their work. She has traveled the country to participate in and learn from national podcast gatherings like PodFest, and finds that production is her zone of genius.

From Lori:

“I help you become a podcaster, but I do all the production work. We start with clarity around what you are doing and what you hope to accomplish, we move to graphics, titles, colors, schedules. I take care of the editing of both audio and video, the syndication of taking the show live on all platforms, and provide you with graphics and audio grams to market your show. For private podcasts we do the same but provide you with the links and graphics to send to your specific clients, customers or students.”

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