Matt Drinkhahn - Eternal Optimist

Ideal Client:

Owners/leaders of companies doing $2M-100M in revenue

Years Experience

“I help owners and leaders overcome perfectionism while growing and scaling their businesses and people.”

Matt’s career has been highlighted by his passion for his customers and people.  He’s coached and given talks within organizations such as Equitable, Vector Marketing, Red Hat, CoreNet, EO (Entrepreneur’s Organization), Oracle, Bank of America, Tarkett, Rheem, Google, and Front Row Dads. He has grown his reputation on the platforms of integrity for doing the right thing the right way and his highly energetic and enthusiastic personality. Matt lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife Julie and their 3 young daughters where he enjoys being a scratch golfer, avid sports fan, real estate investor, and a VERY active family man 😊.

Matt is a successful entrepreneur and veteran in the corporate world where he has specialized in sales, coaching, recruiting, leadership, and sales management throughout his career. He acquired his formal education at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC with a double major in Psychology and Business Economics. B

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