Giovanna Elias

Ideal Client Age

28-45 years


Years Experience

Develop conscious communication and human connection through her 9-Key System

Neurolinguistic Programming Cert., Holistic Health Practitioner

Giovanna Elias, H.H.P., is a Human Connection & Communication Expert, Speaker, Writer and Coach. With a diverse background in Communications, Human Rights, Holistic Health, NLP, and over 15 years of immersive travel experience, she possesses a deep understanding of human nature, and how to navigate conversations and conflicts, all while addressing our deepest needs for safety and human connection. Her extensive research and practical experience has led her to developing her 9-Key System, empowering people to build profound, meaningful relationships through conscious communication. When she is not involved in speaking engagements, coaching sessions, and facilitating her live events and online programs, you’ll find her dancing and embracing her true self—a passionate people enthusiast, avid traveler, philosophical thinker, and neuroscience enthusiast, firmly believing that the secret sauce to having a meaningful life is by cultivating meaningful relationships. You can find her at: 

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