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Overcoming Obstacles in Entrepreneurship and Embracing Growth with Teresa Heath-Wareing

In the dynamic world of online businesses and entrepreneurship, sometimes the keys to success are not just about the strategies and tactics, but about knowing yourself, your vision, and embracing authenticity.  Teresa Heath-Waring, a successful entrepreneur and business coach, shares her wealth of knowledge and personal struggles that helped her build the business and life that she enjoys today.

From Marketing to Personal Coaching

Over 19 years ago, Teresa started her journey in marketing. She went on to bring her knowledge into practice, working at various companies including corporate marketing at Land Rover UK. Teresa’s experiences were extensive; from fax marketing to TV advertising, she had done it all. 

As someone who admits she was a “good employee”, Teresa candidly shares that she never intended to work for herself. Circumstances changed when she became a single parent to her four-year-old daughter and experienced an unexpected exit from her former marketing agency role. Financial necessity led Teresa to become a media consultant, which eventually morphed into a marketing agency.

The Turning Point

After a year of hard work for herself in the marketing agency that she built, she discovered she wasn’t satisfied. Too many clients, too many demands; Teresa had had enough. Exploring online courses and platforms sparked an interest which led to her turning point. She realized that if she could establish an authentic online presence, it could be her vehicle to success. She saw it not just a platform to bring in income but a way to authentically showcase her expertise to help other business owners.

Over a very long year, she transitioned from running a marketing agency to launching her own online business. After successfully shedding her limiting beliefs, she emerged into a new reality – a thriving online business where she can help others find their success too, leveraging her own experiences.

Clarity and Authenticity: The Key Ingredients

Teresa admits that the crux of running one’s own business is staying true to oneself. She emphasizes that a successful business is not about unconditionally adopting what others say you should do, but ebbing and flowing with what seems right for you in your business journey.

When it comes to knowing what you want, Teresa recommends getting clear on not only your goals, but also knowing who you are. Understanding your own preferences, strengths, skills, and the way you work can help in strategizing your personal business blueprint. As Teresa puts it, knowing oneself is like setting up a filter. It enables you to sift through advice and suggestions, to take what resonates with you, and to confidently dismiss what doesn’t.

Learning from Limiting Beliefs

Talking about limiting beliefs, Teresa recalls a transformative moment during a mastermind. It was during this encounter that she came face-to-face with the realization that what she feared had already happened – she had already failed by not launching her online course. This sobering realization pushed her to break free from her limiting beliefs and move forward.

Teresa advocates for writing down all possible fears and find a solution for what to do in each scenario. This process dissolves the power that the fear holds and provides a plan of action in case they materialize.

Finding the Right Coach

The choice of a coach is just as important as knowing oneself. It’s about finding someone who not only understands you but also empowers you to believe in yourself. Coaches are great for strategies and insights, and the right one can bring out the best in you. But ultimately, it is you who has to pave the path to success.

Wrapping Up

Teresa’s journey teaches us several insightful points – the need for authenticity, understanding oneself, overcoming limiting beliefs, and having the right coach are all essential soft-skills to cultivate.

However, Teresa’s most important advice to budding entrepreneurs is this – stay true to yourself and always know why you are doing what you are doing. Once you’ve identified your ‘why’, you’re already on the pathway to success.

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