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Unleashing the Spirit of Entrepreneurship with Ken Rusk

Entrepreneurship is often misconstrued as an exclusive club accessible only to the daring, innovative individuals brimming with groundbreaking ideas. In reality, it is the home of passionate individuals who wish to leave a lasting impact and live a fulfilled life. One such individual who has shown that anyone can be an entrepreneur with the right mindset is Ken Rusk.

Ken Rusk’s Story

Ken Rusk, the author of the best-selling book “Blue Collar Cash,” began his entrepreneurial journey in high school. In his high school years, he took up a job digging ditches at a local industrial park. While it was by no means glamorous, the position offered Ken the freedom to carve out his financial journey and understand various aspects of the business.

After a few years, Ken had a life-altering decision to make – to take the traditional route and enroll in college, or grasp an opportunity offered by his boss to help open franchises around the Midwest. Taking a leap of faith, Ken chose the nontraditional route, traveling to various cities to open up new businesses. In a few years, this experience led him to open his own company in Toledo, Ohio, which started with a mere six employees and today, boasts nearly 200.

Action Before Information: Becoming an Entrepreneur

What made Ken’s entrepreneurial journey unique was his emphasis on taking action and learning through hands-on experiences. Many would-be entrepreneurs crumble under the weight of their unexplored ideas, pursuing intricate knowledge and staying in the realm of theory. But as Ken’s experience suggests, being willing to learn as you act can lead to phenomenal growth.

The concept of setting a clear vision, a vivid picture of where you see yourself in the future plays a pivotal role in Ken’s ideology. Believing in one’s capacity to reach their vision is also essential. Once the vision is clear and belief is established, the route to that vision can be reverse-engineered, providing a roadmap to the destination.

Embracing Failure and Fear on the Entrepreneurial Journey

Fear and failure are nearly inseparable parts of any entrepreneurial journey. Instead of avoiding these feelings, Ken stresses the importance of employing them as stepping stones. The fear of failing needs to be viewed as a catalyst for learning and growth.

Furthermore, Ken emphasizes the power of anticipating the end result and actively visualizing one’s success. This feeds into the science of the mind, where envisioning success can not only enhance motivation but can also condition the brain to work towards the desired goal.

Intrapreneurship: The Seed of Entrepreneurship

Not everyone is cut out to start a business from scratch or risk it all in an uncertain venture. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t channel their entrepreneurial spirit in other ways. This can be done through ‘intrapreneurship’ – exhibiting entrepreneurial behavior within an existing business.

Ken’s associate, Tim, is a perfect example of an intrapreneur. Without being the front-runner, Tim is running his own department within Ken’s business, making entrepreneurial decisions and innovations, shaping his career, and facilitating the company’s growth.

Conclusion: Small Steps towards Becoming an Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur is a journey filled with uncertainties and challenges, but it can be incredibly rewarding. Ken’s story serves as a testament to how taking small, calculated steps can lead towards achieving your envisioned life.

The lessons provided by Ken Rusk provide a blueprint for budding entrepreneurs. Having a clear vision, not fearing failure, taking action, and considering intrapreneurship – each strategy contributes to your path of entrepreneurial success.

Planning, patience, and persistence are the key. As Ken rightly puts it, “everyone has their own vision or their own version in their minds of what their own personal nirvana would be.” Aspiring to live that vision is the essence of entrepreneurship.

If you want to hear more, check out Ken on the Small Steps Big Wins podcast. 

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